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Instantina Limited is a privately owned company established over twenty years ago. Our business started by supplying instant herbal teas and granulated fruits to the food and drink industry. However, as our business grew we moved into new markets and we now offer a comprehensive list of granulated flavours - both natural and non-natural - to compliment our ever-increasing range of well-known exotic fruits.

Our custom-built and designed granulation machines allow Instantina to offer unrivalled quality as our technology ensures that we retain as many volatiles as possible as we dry at very low temperature under vacuum conditions. Our machines have varying capacities allowing Instantina to offer minimum order quantities of 25 kilograms.

The unique drying process that we use to process our fruits and flavours ensures that we only manufacture goods of the highest quality. What's more, the variable size of our dryers allows us to offer any batch size you may require. And our well-equipped laboratory means that we can process requests for samples on a daily basis.

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