Processing Our Ingredients

Each of our products has an individual recipe and its own unique processing program. With both natural and non-natural flavours (along with essential oils, soft fruits, citrus fruits, herbs, spices and fruit & flavour combinations and minimum two-year shelf life) we offer products of truly outstanding quality.

The process itself is a unique vacuum-drying @ 0.5 m/bar, with different set points over a 22.30 hr cycle, and with various low temperatures during the full cycle. This enables Instantina to keep the maximum flavour in the final dried product without overheating and allows us to keep the 'volatiles' in the flavours. And with over twenty years' experience using these complex processes, Instantina offers you a significant advantage over any of our competitors.

Need a particular process not mentioned already? Don't forget, we are always happy to discuss any drying or granulation requirements you may have. We have a flexible approach to our business philosophy and will always endeavour to find the solution you need.

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